Parkway in Winter

During the winter, sections of the Parkway may be closed due to ice and snow. Many factors affect the removal of ice and snow, such as extreme temperatures, lack of sunlight in constantly shaded areas, lack of staff, or thawing and refreezing on bridges. This may cause some sections to be closed for extended periods in the winter. These sections are only opened when they are safe for travel. “An open Parkway is a safe Parkway” has always been the park’s guiding principle. Some sections of the Parkway cannot be gated and closed, and visitors should exercise extreme caution when traveling in these areas during the winter.

Real-time road closures are now available on the National Park Service website, or by calling the recorded Park Information Line at 828-298-0398.

Most Parkway facilities are closed in the winter. Year round facilities include the North Carolina Minerals Museum (Milepost 331) near Spruce Pine, and in Asheville, NC the Folk Art Center (Milepost 382) and Parkway Visitor Center (Milepost 384).

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