Bicycling the Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway offers bicyclists 469 miles of picturesque travel across Virginia and North Carolina. Ranging in elevation from 649 to 6,047 feet, the road encompasses a variety of ever-changing weather conditions, regardless of season.

Bicyclists should exercise extreme caution and be prepared for significant distances between developed areas and services that vary by season. Planning such a trip is important and we suggest carrying plenty of water and high energy foods, clothing for safety and protection from adverse weather conditions, and some form of identification. The National Park Service recommends that cyclists make an honest evaluation of their abilities before beginning a bicycle trip on the Parkway. In some sections, you will climb as much as 1,100 feet in 3.4 miles.

Dirt roads and trails designed specifically for off-road bicycles are numerous in the four US National Forests that the Parkway travels through and in partner facilities such as Virginia?s Explore Park near Roanoke.


Bicycle riders must comply with all applicable state and federal motor vehicle regulations.

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