MP 305.5, Tanawha Trail

The moderate-strenuous 13.5-mile (one-way) Tanawha Trail leaves Boone Fork Trail near Price Park Campground. It meanders through field and forest in Price Park and parallels the Parkway on the flanks of Grandfather Mountain which protects some of the most significant natural habitat in the southern Appalachians, ending at Beacon Heights (Milepost 305.5). Parking and access for the Tanawha Trail in Price Park are available at the Boone Fork Overlook (Milepost 297.1).

Tanawha, the Cherokee word for fabulous hawk or eagle, is an appropriate name for this trail that offers hikers spectacular views of distant mountains. Completed in 1993, the Tanawha Trail, like the final section of the Parkway it mirrors, is unique in construction. The trail traverses a fragile and ancient ecosystem and leads hikers through a surprising range of biological and geological terrains. Some sections tunnel through thickets of laurel and rhododendron. Others dip down into remote hardwood coves and then ascend into evergreen glens. Boulder fields and cascading streams punctuate the landscape.

To preserve this delicate area, stay on designated paths, bridges, and boardwalks.


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