MP 86, Peaks of Otter Area

Visitors here gain a sense of both the history of community and the history of tourism in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. By the mid 1800s, there were twenty families integrated into the business of tourism, providing food and labor for a large resort hotel.

Polly Woods? early tavern provided the basic necessities for travelers as early as 1840 and is preserved at the Peaks of Otter as well. Prominent historical figures have visited or written about the Peaks of Otter, signifying its importance as a natural landmark in Virginia?s Blue Ridge.

Natural history also abounds at the Peaks of Otter, an area that is representative of the hardwood forests common along the mid range elevations of the Parkway. An extensive trail system offers visitors access to these areas. This area also boasts a campground, picnic area and concession-operated bus service up Sharp Top Mountain.

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