Parkway Travel Tips

Along the Parkway, you will see numbered mileposts. The zero milepost marker is at Rockfish Gap immediately south of Shenandoah National Park. Each mile is numbered progressively southward on the Parkway to its southernmost entrance at Cherokee.

Roadside Parking and Picnicking
Parking is allowed on road shoulders unless otherwise posted, and if all four wheels are off the pavement.
In most places, picnicking is allowed on the roadside. This is a long-standing Parkway tradition, but you must be pulled completely off the road and please avoid soggy areas or ditches if we’ve had an abundance of rain.
North of Asheville, NC, the Parkway goes through the city watershed and off-road parking is not permitted where indicated by signs.

Recreational Vehicles
Large RVs are popular means of travel on the Parkway, but be advised that going up or down steep grades can be slow. Pull over often to let faster moving traffic get by. You may want to check the heights of the Parkway’s twenty-six tunnels (mostly south of Asheville) to ensure that your rig will negotiate all of them. The tunnel heights are available online at this page.

Regulations and Additional Tips

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